Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Hello 2013!

The to do list for today was clean house and put away Christmas decorations.  My oldest was very sad to see Christmas go and really wanted to have at least the tree to stay up just until New Year's was over, so I agreed.  I did enough cleaning, I didn't have time to do the tree anyway.

We also went to see Wreck It Ralph at the cheap movie theatre, The Regency, in North Hollywood.  On Sundays and Tuesdays, tickets are $1.50 each. The line was going around the theatre and didn't think there would be enough seats for us.  Everyone was going to see this movie.  We were next and they didn't turn us away.  We got all of our tickets for just $6!  We entered the theatre and it was packed.  I have never seen this theatre this full before.  We found some seats toward the front; but was not so bad you had to look straight up and have a neck injury after the movie.  My girls got intrigued by the trailers because it has a candy land in the movie.  We told them, they would probably see that for about 5 min. then it would done.  We were wrong.  The candy land part was for almost half the movie and the girls LOVED it.  It was a really good movie.

After the movies, we went to Red Robin for dinner.  It's my oldest favorite place and we took advantage of the $5 bonus gift card when you buy a $25 gift card or more promotion.  We got there at 6:45 and read the hours on their sign that said they would be closing at 7:00.  Pretty strange they would close during dinner hour. We didn't think they would seat us; but they did.  It was pretty crowded in there too.  Our server was super friendly and even asked if my daughter wanted more mac and cheese dinner.  She gave her another dinner and more apple slices to my youngest.  I'm not sure if they do that all the time as we never had been asked if we wanted more dinner at any place before.  I just think they were trying to get rid of there food since they were closing.  My daughter didn't finish the second helping and got to take it home for lunch.

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