Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sky City and The Autry Museum

Sky City bounce house had their 1st annual kids day event where the kids got to bounce for free.  We got there 30 min after they opened there and there was already a waiting list to bounce.  We waited about 20 min in a small room with a bunch a rug rats before it was time to go in.  Since it was free, there were several families with 4 or 5 kids waiting to get in as free entrance for all those kids was like gold.  The girls had fun bouncing for about 45 min. when we decided to leave to go to the Autry Museum.

We went home, quickly made some lunch to go and left for the Autry.  On the 1st Sunday of each month is Family Day and Indian Heritage day.  Since my oldest is very interested in Indians from learning about them in school, I thought this would be a fun "field trip" for her.  And if you have a Bank of America credit card, show it to the cashier and each person  who has the card gets free admission.  So, hubby and I got free admission and the girls were $4 each.  We spent 3 hours there playing an Indian game with moccasin shoes and a large marble type ball, listening to an Indian play music, listening to a Chumash Indian tell stories, making an Indian necklace and learning about different artifacts.  The museum also has a special play area for kids to pretend play in a Japanese house which then goes to a pretend Japanese restaurant.  The girls had a lot of fun "cooking" and serving with some other kids.  Hubby and I were the guests and ate some delicious cuisine from our little chefs.

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