Sunday, January 20, 2013

LACMA - Free Family Day

We went to the LACMA Museum to participate in the free Andell Family Sundays program.  We arrived just a few minutes before a family friendly museum tour was about to start.  The tour was on French ceramics and was really engaging for children.  Our guide was very friendly and asked each of the children to talk about what French ceramic pieces they liked the best and why.  He told them what different pieces were used for, how it was made and about the designs of them.  The 20 min. tour concluded with some sketch paper to draw your favorite piece.

After the tour, we found a couple art projects to make, such as your own pottery made from magic modeling clay and a paper vase to make a collage from magazine cut outs and pastels.  They also had this hanging plastic noodle type exhibit that the kids enjoyed playing in.  The kids learned some interesting things about French ceramic art and had fun making their own.


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