Saturday, January 12, 2013

Community Center and Shoplifting at the Goodwill

Our local community center had its grand opening today; so we checked it out.  The girls got to paint  tiles that will be used to make tile art on the wall of the center.  They also had a fun giant sized game that covered the wall.  When it flashed lights, kids in teams would take turns hitting the lights to get points.  Different rounds were played to hit lights with their hands, a Styrofoam noodle, and a basketball.  The girls really enjoyed this game and would like to come back to play more. 

We then went to the local library to read to dogs.  Since my youngest LOVES dogs, she likes to visit and read to them.  When we got there, all the slots were taken to read to them; so we left and continued with the rest of our errands.  The Read to the Dog program happens almost every weekend; so there is always an opportunity to read to them.

My oldest is doing a book report where she has to dress up as the person she is doing the report on.  Now I have to spend money on some costume that she will never wear again. Her report character is Marie Curie; so all I needed to really find is a long sleeved black dress that came down to the ankles.  We checked out a few places including a Goodwill; but it was either to expensive or they didn't have what we were looking for.  We went to the 2nd Goodwill that just opened up and found a long, long sleeved black dress in size 8.  My daughter tried it on and it fit perfect!  It was only $4! We were so excited. While she was trying on the dress, my youngest got a bloody nose in the store.  It was like a faucet leak and hubby didn't have any tissues or know where the bathroom was.  He just grabbed whatever piece of clothing was next to him to stop the bleeding and clean up my daughter.  He then took her to the car with the clothing article without paying.  He told me this after we got home.  Do we take a bloody $1 shirt back to the Goodwill to pay for it or just let it slide? 

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