Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve- Build a Bear, Games, Ball Drop

New Year's Eve was pretty low key.  I caught up on some grocery shopping and did some returns.  The girls had some gift cards to use at Build a Bear Workshop.  They have been wanting outfits to dress their favorite stuffed animals. Each girl brought 3 stuffed animals that are not from Build a Bear to try on outfits. It's cute that they have a little dressing area for the critters.  We must have been in that store for about an hour before the girls could decide what outfits to get and to try them on all their animals.  Luckily, I found a $10 off coupon and the girls got some outfits that were on sale.  They each walked out with 3 outfits and 1 big smile.

Later in the evening, we attempted to stay up until midnight to welcome the new year.  We watched a movie, played several games including, Simpson Clue and the never ending Simpson Monopoly.  Hubby is a big Simpson fan. I quickly became bankrupt after buying several expensive properties and landing on hubby's hotels.  The girls got so sad that I had no money that we just ended the game after about an hour.  We turned on Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve to watch the ball drop in New York, popped our poppers, made some noise with our very noisy noise makers and off to bed.  The girls camped out in our room with their sleeping bags, tent and kid's camping gear to top it off.

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