Saturday, January 5, 2013

Snow Day

The girls had enjoyed going up to the snow last year; so we planned to take them to Wrightwood again today.  I am not a big fan of the snow.  In fact, I dread going; but the girls love it, so we go.  We checked the snow stats on their local blog and it looked like a good day to go.  A storm was coming the next day; so we took our chances of the area being crowded today.  We got up there and the crowds were in their usual terrible spots off the road.  We always go to the campground at the top where there is a lot more space, is less crowded and nice slopes for the kids to sled down.  We got our $5 parking pass at the local store and stopped at the camp site to play. 

The girls took turns going down the small slope on their sled, attempted to make a snowman and had a snowball fight with daddy.  They know better to not throw snow balls at me.  We are there for 30 min. and my feet are already frozen and I'm ready to go.  We then moved on to a bigger slope and I was able to stick it out in the freezing weather for another 45 min.  By this time my feet were numb regardless of the 2 pairs of socks and boots I was wearing. 

 I took notice of another family who was there adapting to the cold.  It looked like they had been there the whole day. They had made a bunch of top Ramon noodles and stored it in a large cardboard box that was so hot, steam was coming out. How I wished I could have thawed out with some hot soup or hot chocolate. They also made a snow tower to use as an ice chest where they had stored their drinks.  As if the cold weather didn't keep it cold enough.  Hubby and I were turning into icicles and one of the girls was hungry so it was time to go home. The girls had fun and I had fun watching them have fun.

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