Saturday, September 14, 2013

Aloha Beach Festival

We escaped to Ventura beach for a taste of Hawaii at the Aloha Beach Festival. 

The festival is free admission; but we did pay $5 for parking.  I've never seen such enthusiasm from a parking attendant before.  He would excitedly wave people into the lot, then start counting the wad of money he had collected. 

At the festival were several vendor and food booths along with an entertainment stage.  We got the lay of the land; and saw surfers out in the distance.  I think there was some sort of surfing contest going on.  A K-9 Frisbee performance was scheduled; but didn't see where that was.  The only thing that we found that the girls were interested in were the hula hoops scattered on the lawn that a vendor was selling.  The girls had fun hula hooping while the hula dancing was being performed. 

Since there was not much else to do, we walked down a few steps to the beach.  We spent quite a bit of time there, then grabbed a sno-cone and left for home.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Children's Hunger Fund - Dressing Dolls

33 volunteers came out to the Sylmar warehouse this morning and prepped dolls for this year's Toy Wrap! The two hours of time will help deliver hope! — at Children's Hunger Fund.

I was expecting to bag beans or pasta today; but we got to dress dolls!  The dolls came inappropriately dressed with mini skirts; so we had to undress them and put them in some decent outfits. Our girls had lots of fun last time we came and were so jealous we got to dress dolls without them.  The toy wrap event is coming up; so they are excited to help wrap all those toys.