Friday, September 30, 2011

Mini Golf Mix-Up & McDonalds

So, I got these coupons at the Kid's Day event and told the girls we would all go mini golfing at Mountasia. The day had come and right before we left to Mountasia I noticed that the coupons had expired yesterday! I thought that kids 3 and younger got in free, so I would just need to pay for my oldest. We got down there and were ready to pay when the employee said that kids 2 and younger play free. I was not planning to spend $14 on golf; so I told the girls they couldn't play. Yes, there was a meltdown right in the middle of the place. I came up with a compromise to spend $5 on games and they could use their McDonald's gift certificates to eat dinner at McDonalds. They were happy with that and even like this idea better. Whew! $5 of games lasted a whole 15 minutes and then we were off to an early dinner at McDonalds.

Since it was so early we let them play in the play area. Those play areas are pretty disgusting. There are kids standing on table tops with dirty bare feet, climbing on poles, and food on the floor. One girl even dropped her chicken nuggets on the floor, picked them back up and threw them in the trash. Then, apparently the mom didn't want to pay for another meal, had the girl go back to the trash and get her nuggets. Yuck! We got the girls out cuz we couldn't stand being in there anymore and ate dinner.

We actually didn't even save that much money from the original $14 golf price. Hubby and I got a couple items from the $1 menu which was about $4 plus the $5 on games. We ended up only saving $5. A couple days later I had found another Mountasia coupon that expired the day we went and it was in the car the whole time!

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