Friday, September 16, 2011

L.A. County Fair

Today is fair day! My daughter always has the 3rd Friday off from school which we designate as L.A. Country Fair day. Fridays are great because you get free admission if each person brings 5 Ralph's brand cans. Our 1st stop is always Fairview Farms to see the pig races, look at all the animals, run around in the hay stacks, and get some chocolate milk at $2 each for both girls. Believe it or not the milk is the only thing we bought here.

They had tractor pulls for the kids that my girls wanted to try. My youngest wasn't able to do the pull with all the weights added; so she sat out while the oldest gave it a try. She was the 1st one to go with another 9 yr. old boy. The boy won by 1 foot and my oldest beat all the rest of the kids who were even a few yrs. older than her. They passed out ribbons to everyone who participated. She was so proud of herself for coming in second place that she wore her ribbon all day.

After tractor pulls, the girls had to go to their favorite part of the fair which is the Ralph's grocery store and farm area. It is very cool how they put it all together by planting seeds in the ground, milking a cow, getting a chicken egg, and picking corn, veggies and fruit. They get play money for supplying the food they grew and then use it to go grocery shopping.

We then went to see a ariel circus performance, played in the princess kitchen, saw some sharks and then to the dino area and back to the Ralph's' grocery, farm area.

We didn't spend money on any rides or games; but the food was the most tempting part! We said we would get one fair food for all of us to share. We settled on chili cheese fries and began to search for them. We found a couple vendors who had them for about $7-10. I was not going to spend that much on a fry snack. It was close to dinner time and the smell of fair food was getting the best of us; so we left to forge outside of the fair for our own fair food. For dinner,we got $5 pizza from Little Caesar's and got my chili cheese fries at Weinerschnitzel which was all less then the fries at the fair.

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