Friday, October 21, 2011

Legoland California

Our family was due back for another Legoland trip. The last time we were there was on my oldest 4th birthday. She is now 7 and my youngest is 4. We decided to come and celebrate both their birthdays since they are 6 weeks apart. Our day was spent half driving and the other half at Legoland. It took us 2 1/2 hrs to get there and an excruciating 4 hrs. to get back which included a dinner stop at In & Out, YUM! Even with TVs in the car the girls managed to complain the whole way home. Still, we did save money by not staying in a hotel.

I never pay full price for any amusement park; so I got some coupons on ebay to get the kids in free with adult admission. We saved about $120! We also brought sack lunches to eat inside to save even more.

Legoland was decorated for Halloween with pumpkins everywhere, a giant lego pumpkin to take pictures in, a giant ghost, hay stacks and other festive items. It was not crowded at all. The longest line was about 5 min. long at the Dragon roller coaster. This was my oldest favorite ride along with the horses that take you along the track. My youngest went on that horse ride 6 times and still wasn't tired of it. We even saw a guy roller blading along the pathway. That's how few people there were. You can't do that at Disneyland! My oldest was in heaven at Mini Town. She loves Playmobil and has a world of it in her room. Her eyes lit up when she saw several towns of miniatures.

I wish I wasn't so frugal so I could have bought the Granny Smith Apple Fries with Vanilla Cream on top. It looked soooo delicious; but it cost $5! I had to walk away.

Overall, it was a fun day at Legoland.