Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saving A Life at the Zimmer Museum

I bought a Living Social deal in December to come to the Zimmer Museum  and finally got around to using it today before it expired.  As we were putting my purse and lunch through their metal detector security area, out wobbles a 12-15 month old girl.  Assuming her mom was nearby, I didn't pay too much attention.  Then I looked back and the girl pushed the door open and walked outside.  I'm looking around for a parent, realized there wasn't one and walked out to get her.  She was just a few steps away from walking right into the street; but hubby was fast enough to grab her.  The employee took the girl and called inside the museum to report a lost girl.  The mom was completely oblivious and calmly walked to get her child.  The museum is not very big, so we saw this mom several times and noticed she always left one child to tend to the other.  Several minutes would go by with one of the kids just wondering by themselves.  It was soooo frustrating watch.  I just had a hard time believing these kids made it this far with the lack of supervision they had. 

Later on, the girl hubby saved ran a shopping cart into his leg.  I guess that was her way of saying thanks.  Hubby must have been a magnet for shopping carts cuz another kid also ran into him.  It was a day of mostly people watching as our girls managed to stay in one area for really long periods of time.  They really enjoyed the ball pit ship, the grocery store and the cafe.  For the most part the kids at the museum were behaved which made people watching a little less interesting.  We did have a stinky diaper go past us,  and some screaming babies go by (mostly from the one we saved from running into the street).  There was only a certain amount I can just sit around watching the girls play and people watch.  2 1/2 hours became my limit and we headed home.  The girls had a fun time though.

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