Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Mouse, Earth Arbor Day, Trashcan Art

My youngest enjoys the Laura Numeroff books such as 'If you Give a Mouse a Cookie'; so we took the girls to see a real life sized "Cookie Mouse" who paid a visit to our local library.  The librarian read a few of the story collections in English and Spanish since it was bilingual storytime day and then got to take a picture with the cookie mouse.  Hopefully, the girls picked up on some espanol today!

After meeting the mouse, we went to the Earth Arbor Day festival to be encouraged in reusing, reducing, and recycling. They had several activities for the kids to do such as making a paper bag hat, a seed bomb, a cheerio bird feeder, plant seeds, catch ladybugs, climb the rock wall, play on the swing and bounce apparatus and a bouncer.  They also had an animal show.  We caught the tail end of it and saw the porcupine.

They displayed some cool trashcan art.

 Releasing the ladybugs into our rose garden
to prey on any aphids or small pests we may have.

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