Saturday, April 6, 2013


Not too much going on anywhere today; so we took the kids to Home Depot's kids workshop to build a bird feeder.  It was a nice day out; so we let them paint the feeders while they were there since the sun was out to dry the paint fast.

From there we went for our 1st time geocaching.  Hubby wasn't too thrilled with the idea; but I was really excited to go "treasure hunting".  I picked one place to try because I heard it was many people's first cache.  This kept me optimistic of hopefully being able to find it.  We entered the coordinates on our GPS and drove to a homeowners association park to find our first cache.  We got to where the coordinates told us to stop and we started looking under bushes because that was the hint given.  After a few minutes I spotted a cameo can hidden in a bush.  We opened it up and there were all kinds of little trinkets for kids.  The girls were so excited to find treasure!  We took a couple things such as this m&m keychain, horse show toy and a butterfly keychain .We left an origami heart dollar that I made for what we took. 

So far our adventure was pretty fun; so we set out to find more caches at another park nearby.  On the way to the park, my oldest noticed that my youngest got a butterfly keychain that said don't keep me.  I learned we found a trackable on our first cache.  Now we had to find another cache for our butterfly to travel to. We could not find the first 2 caches at the park that we had set out to look for and that was a little discouraging.  At this point, bellies were rumbling; but I was to determined to find one more.  We set out for the 3rd cache and we finally found it!  Inside were some Disney stickers; but the trinket we brought was to big for the container; so we didn't take anything. 
We were way overdue for lunch and geocaching had to wait for another day......or maybe not.  After lunch and a short rest, I found another cache right by our house.  I persuaded hubby to come with me to find it and to release our trackable butterfly.  I found it right away.  It was a fun find; but log only.  We are going to SeaWorld next week; so it would be fun to have that butterfly travel over 2 hours from home.  I found several caches near SeaWorld to do some more treasure hunting.  Hopefully the butterfly will find a new home.

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