Monday, April 1, 2013

April Foal's Day?!

I completely forgot about April Fools Day!  I did remember this morning before we headed out to Underwood Farms in Moorpark.  We went on a weekday during Easter break; so we paid the weekday price of $3/person. It was a nice cool day at the farm for the kids to play, feed some animals, ride the tractor to pick strawberries, pick lettuce, broccoli and some teeny tiny carrots.  I called them carrot nubs cuz they were much smaller than baby carrots.  I think we picked those too early in the season.  We then watched the animal show that's included in the admission and my oldest says right before the show, do you know what they call April Fool's day on the farm?  She said, April Foal's Day!  Ha Ha! I thought that was pretty clever coming from an 8 year old.
My oldest also remembered that we have a tradition on this day to have dessert for dinner and breakfast for dessert.  Hubby and I were not in the mood to be making all their favorite breakfast items for dinner; but since it's tradition, we were obligated to keep it.  I served dessert first, which was 2 cookies. For dinner, I made ham and zucchini quiche for hubby and myself.  Hubby made the girls french toast and pancakes.  We were exhausted; but the tradition goes on :)

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