Saturday, December 29, 2012

Date Night at Rockwell Table and Stage

Tonight was also date night for hubby and I. The last date we had was our anniversary 6 months ago, so we were due. I was searching on Goldstar for something different to do and came across For the Record: John Hughes Holiday Road Show at the Rockwell in Los Angeles.

What is For the Record? Incredible performers from stage and screen will belt out the most memorable songs from your favorite movies while acting out small scenes right there in front of you -- or beside you, or up on the bar. The show takes place all around you! This Holiday Road version of the popular For the Record series features holiday-themed music and moments from John Hughes classics like Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, Miracle on 34th Street, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Weird Science, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, and more
I bought the cheap seats to save some money. For half off reg. admission I paid $10/ea plus processing fees, we had a date.  The website did tell me that there would be a 2 item minimum per person. I didn't find the menu until later when I discovered how much the cheapest thing on the menu was. It was $5 for a beer. Neither of us drank beer! If that was the cheapest thing, than we knew we were going to pay at least $20 just on drinks. This is turning into a more expensive date than I had planned. I quickly began to search for another coupon for the Rockwell and found one on Groupon. It was $40 worth of food and drinks for $20. I had some credit on my Groupon account from a previous refund; so I bought it. We were really looking forward to having a dinner and show. The part I was not really looking forward to was possibly having to share a table with another couple. Chit chatting with strangers for about 2 hours was not ideal for me. We dropped off the kids and headed out. There is no parking anywhere when we got there. They do have valet parking for $5; but wanted parking on the street for free. We got there early and they seated us at the best cheap seat there was. We then ordered our food. I got the chicken picatta sandwich with captn crunch onion rings and hubby got the blue cheese burger. Both meals were $15 each.  We ordered soda at $3.50; so I guess soda would be the cheapest item on the menu. The food was delish! It was nearing showtime and so far we had a table to ourselves! Even for a sold out show, they didn't put anyone at the other cheap seats. The show finally started 30 min. later. The cast sang all these great 80's songs and had a little skit from each movie to go with the song. They perform all around the tiny room; so your eyes are going in every direction. We had a decent view from our table which was 54, I believe at the 2 seats closer to the stage. The other 2 seats at that table, were really obstructed. We really enjoyed the show and the dinner. It was a super fun date night. Would definitely go back to do that again. They have all different kinds of shows for 2013.

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