Saturday, December 29, 2012

Griffith Observatory

My 8 year old has been learning about planets at school and wanted to take her on a field trip to the Griffith Observatory.  We have been there several times before but wanted her to watch one of their planetarium shows to go along with what she was learning.  We opted to catch the 1st show at 10:45 so we might have a chance at some decent parking.  It was also raining as we drove, so I chances for good parking was even better.  We did get decent parking and made it in time for the show.  the observatory is free; but the shows are not.  I couldn't find any discount tickets for the shows, so we paid full price which was $7/adult and $3/kid to see the Water is Life show.

 Water Is Life takes visitors on a journey through the solar system in search of water. On Earth, water is the key to life. If we find water on other worlds in the solar system, could we find life there, too? Blast off to Mars, crash through the ice of Jupiter’s moon Europa, and travel alongside a comet in a search for habitable worlds beyond Earth. Originally conceived and developed for Griffith Observatory’s school field trip program, Water is Life is an ideal family program that will appeal to even our youngest visitors.

 It lasted about 30 min. and the girls loved it because it felt like we were moving in space and the effects of falling rain and snow were very fun.  After the show, the girls were hungry.  We walked back to the car to eat our packed lunch and then walked back to visit the rest of the observatory.  They also had the free demonstration of how to make a comet; but the girls were not interested in that since we have seen it the previous 2 years.

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