Saturday, March 5, 2011

Riding on the Metro

Riding on the Metro...reminds me of a great 80's Berlin song.
I really don't use public transportation to get around; but was looking for an excuse to take the girls on the Metro or Metrolink just for a fun and different experience. My problem had been finding a destination with a short walking distance from the Metro station.

This weekend, I found my destination at the Chinese Lantern Festival in L.A; which had free admission. By taking the Metro, we didn't have to bother with finding parking at the festival or paying the $5 and up parking fees. Our tickets were $6 roundrip for all of us; so I'm sure I saved at least some money on gas and the girls had fun on their 1st Metro ride.

Does everyone just go on the honor system when they buy Metro tickets? Not once did we have to give or show our tickets to anyone one. We could have just got a free ride each way. I also didn't understand the TAP button. I waived the tickets, tapped the button, nothing happened. Luckily, no one was there watching this newbie Metro rider. Later, I read that they do random ticket checks; but I wonder how many people get free rides.

The Lantern Festival was fun. We watched a magic show and the girls made lots of crafts and listened to a story. I also turned in a survey to get a free gift which was a box with a tiger bank inside. Now, I have to find a place for this bank. I think the Goodwill pile is a great place for it :)

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