Saturday, July 10, 2010

Up turned into The Thief of Baghdad

We decided to go down to the outdoor venue in Pasadena again because they were showing UP. We thought the kids would enjoy watching a movie outside. We packed their fold up couch/bed, brought their blankets and packed the popcorn for a fun evening out. My husband took my daughter to the restroom and when he came out, the Thief of Baghdad was playing. I thought it was just going to be a short movie clip while they got ready to put UP on. But no, this was the movie that was going to be playing. We were really disappointed; but the girls didn't seem to care. They just like being outside watching anything on the screen and eating popcorn. We did leave after an hour. What was really disappointing is that they didn't even show a good substitute movie. If they couldn't show UP, then show another family movie. Anything would have been better than the Thief of Baghdad, even the Music Man was better and that's not saying much. This movie makes it to the top worst movies on my list. I think we are done with the free outdoor movies in Pasadena.

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