Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

Today, we are celebrating the 4th at the Ronald Regan Library for their free family event. We went there last year and the kids had a great time. If you don't get there early, you will have to park way down at the bottom of the hill. Of course, we did not get there early and parked at the bottom. Fortunately, they have a shuttle to take you up to the top. We got very lucky, because we just got out of the car ran to the shuttle a few cars down and off we went.
We get to the top and the 1st thing the girls see is a bounce house obstacle course. My 2 year old was a little small; so daddy had to do the obstacle with her. She had fun; but daddy got very tired after a couple times.
The girls did a couple crafts like making a flag with tissue paper and a USA beaded necklace. Their favorite activities were the games and then getting a small prize after each play. By the time they were done, I had quite a collection of patriotic pencils. We played a water balloon toss and then the girls played another game where you can collect as much candy as they could. Just what they need - more candy!
They also had free all you can eat watermelon. My youngest ate about 4 slices. She loves that stuff. My picky 5 year old had issues with a seedless watermelon because of the little white seeds. She insisted on picking those out which just took forever for her to eat.
We saved money on lunch by bringing our own and sat at their tables. We enjoyed listening to the band playing music while we ate. My youngest like it so much she started dancing and put on a show for the person next to us. She just added more entertainment and was quite comical.
This event really wears the kids out and they knocked out in the car on the way home. I knocked out at home. An hour later we had to be up and ready for a BBQ at my parents house. We stayed there for a little while, came home, bathed the kids and rushed off to see fireworks at the local mall. We always go to McDonalds for the $1 sundae to eat while we wait/watch for the fireworks. The line was out the door this year; so we decided to go after. Luckily,I bought some pop snaps for the kids to throw to keep them occupied while we waited. I also got them glow in the dark necklaces at the dollar store. I mad a note to try to sell these next year. People were asking where we got them and someone was actually selling the bracelets. After the show we made it to McDonalds. They barely let us in because they said they closed at 9:30. What kind of McDonalds closes at 9:30!? I think they just wanted to go home early. We did get our sundae but they eventually kicked us out to close their doors. All in all it was a fun 4th!

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