Sunday, July 18, 2010

Arrr! A Pirate's Life for Me

Arrr! It was that time of year when the pirates come around to Ventura Harbor Village. Pirates walk around the village, perform magic shows, sing, and put on small shows. One pirate had a couple parrots that my youngest loved. She was more excited when he put one on her arm! She also enjoyed a pirate sing along where kids formed a circle to listen and dance to pirate songs. She loves to dance; so it was a perfect opportunity for her to ham it up.

The girls went on a scavenger hunt to look for treasure. Holding a map in one hand and a compass in another; they searched for clues around the village that lead to where X marks the spot. They found the treasure which included stickers, tattoos, gum coins and bracelets.

We brought a picnic lunch to eat at the village to save money and the kids shared and devoured a cotton candy ice cream cone as they watched a sword fight pirate show. After the show, they rode on a carousel, played a game and happily left for home sucking on a lollipop they won with their game tickets.

The event is free as well as the shows; but they get you with the opportunity to buy tickets for rides, games, bouncers, pony rides and scavenger hunts. We ended up spending $12 for the day on 2 scavenger hunts, 1 ice cream cone, 2 carousel rides and 2 games which equaled 2 happy girls.
Ventura's 80 degree weather was also a nice escape from the 105 degree valley weather. A fun and cool pirate day!

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