Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dead Fish and the Music Man

We decided to check out a Japanese Festival because we didn't have much else planned and it was free to get it. I enjoy learning about a different culture and expose the kids as well.
They had a game where you can win a fish and the girls just had to play. My oldest has been wanting a fish; so here was her chance to win one. The game was really inexpensive; so they each won a goldfish for $3 worth of game play. Then, they played a couple other games, we looked at some bonsai trees, ate some homemade sugar donuts - I forgot what the Japanese call them; but they were good! We weren't there long enough to see any entertainment because my husband and I were on our way to see an outdoor movie of the Music Man at an outdoor venue in Pasadena.
Neither of us had seen it and it was free so we gave it a try. They showed the newer version and it was not very good. It probably doesn't make much of a difference if it was the old or new version because I didn't think it was a very good movie either way. We left after an hour to pick up the girls.
By this time, the goldfish were in jars and looked like they were hungry because they were blooping (when the fish open and close its mouth) according to my 5 year old. So, at 10:45pm we go to Vons to find fish food so the fish won't bloop anymore. It was the only thing we were buying and the cashier says "Oh, you're fish are hungry?" Because who goes out at almost 11:00pm to try to feed their goldfish.
We fed the fish, and about 3:00 in the morning I got up to tend to my youngest who needed a drink and found the fish floating. I hoped he might be sleeping and I was too tired to really check. I knew he wasn't sleeping when my oldest was crying about the dead fish in the morning. The 2nd fish died a day later. Winning a fish seems great at the time for the kids; but then you got to find somewhere to put it, get fish food, and take care of it, all so it can die in a day and leave your kids upset and crying.

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