Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chinese Lantern Festival & McDonalds

Today was another gloomy, rainy day. The girls had a surprise visit from their uncle who brought a McDonalds breakfast for them. They were very excited and almost getting spoiled since this was their 2nd McDonalds breakfast ever within 2 weeks.

After their smorgasbord, we were debating on wheather to leave the house due to the rain. I did not want to be stuck inside the house all day. The weather in L.A. seemed to have better weather; so we ventured out to the Chinese Lantern Festival. We have been there a couple times during nice weather and it is pretty fun. When we got the general area, we made our usual rounds to find the cheapest parking price. After about 10 min. we settled on a $5 parking area. We walked a couple blocks to the event. The kids 1st discovery were bounce houses. I was not going to pay a ridiculous amount for them to jump and quickly lured them to the FREE crafts and entertainment the festival offered. My oldest was not very happy that she could not bounce; but after about 15 min of sulking she gave in to making a craft. The youngest was very excited to make a tiger puppet because it required using a glue stick. She also helped make a lantern by scribbling on the paper and me doing the rest of it. My oldest made a couple crafts and got her face painted. There was entertainment outside; but it was too cold to stay.

Was this event worth the drive, looking for cheap parking, walking in the cold, listening to my daughter sulk to make a couple crafts worth it? Probably not; but I got out of the house! As well as trying to do some frugal family fun.

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