Sunday, March 21, 2010

Travel Town

It was finally a nice day out, so we decided to go to Travel Town. The kids had not been there in probably a year. The $3 donation is well worth all the time the kids can spend there.

They had so much fun climbing up trains, pretending to be a conductor and playing in Holden's Corner. Holden's Corner is a small play area for kids. They have activities like coloring and stories for younger kids on the 2nd and 3rd Sundays of the month from 12-4. Our girls can't get enough play time at the train table. They only have a few toy train cars to play with; so if your kid gets one, they better hang on to it or it will get snatched once you let go. Some kids, including ours have learned that lesson the hard way.

They have a running train there; but we opted not spend the $10-$12 on that. Instead we got the girls an ice cream treat. They were equally happy with that and I think it lasted longer.

Then, they wanted to go in the gift shop. Oh no, not the gift shop! We hesitantly gave in. Then it started. Mommy, I want this and that and that. Finally, they saw another train table to keep them occupied for another 30 min. before it was time to go. Then, on the way out it was the familiar sounds of mommy, I want this and that and that. We did not give in and left the town being out of pocket $7 from our donation and ice cream treats.

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