Friday, May 31, 2013

AAA Member Magic Mountain Night

It was the last day of school today and decided to surprise the girls to a treat at Magic Mountain.  They  have a private event annually for AAA members to enjoy the park all day with the public or members only from 6:00pm-12:00am at a discounted rate.  We told the girls we were going to the store to get something that was on sale for that day.  While driving there, they had their faces in books and didn't even notice where we were going.  My oldest noticed that we were at Magic Mountain; but didn't say anything cuz she thought we were just passing it by to get to the store.  There was silence as we entered the park.  This was not the reaction we thought we would get. We had to stop and park before they started squealing about being there. 

My youngest is much taller than the last time we were here a couple years ago, so we had fun getting on more rides.  The last ride of the night we went on was Roaring Rapids at about 10:00pm.  We got soaked!  It was still about 80 degrees out; so we were not freezing, just uncomfortably wet.

 We got on a couple more rides, grabbed a funnel cake and went home.  There is still debate on which is the better funnel cake.  Is it plain with powdered sugar or with strawberries added on top?  We ordered strawberries on half of it because that's what hubby thought was better.  It turned out that he was the only one who like it.  The 3 of us split the other plain half.

Where hubby and I first met and used to work.

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