Saturday, May 25, 2013

Street Food Cinema - Stand By Me & Corey Feldman

For date night, I found Street Food Cinema on  When I saw they were showing Stand By Me, I had to buy tickets since this is one of mine and hubby's favorites movies.  The featured band entertainment was Corey Feldman.  We got to Exposition Park and waited in the fast moving line about an hour after they started letting people in.  The place was packed with 2,000 people; but we managed to find a decent spot a short distance from the VIP section.

 The only grip I had about the spot we picked was that there was a tree branch blocking the top part of the screen.  It ended up being tolerable once the movie had started.
Our view with a tree branch obstruction

There were food trucks of all kinds, most with long lines except for the organic truck.  I guess there were not a lot of healthy eaters in the crowd that night.  Hubby and I were going to share a meal from one of the Korean BBQ trucks; but the line never moved after standing there for 15 min.  Another popular truck was the Grilled Cheese.  Someone in front of us got one of those sandwiches and it didn't look like anything I couldn't make at home; but I'm sure there was something unique about it.  The 76 gasoline booth was giving out free coffee which was an added bonus for hubby.


Everything ran later than planned; so the movie didn't start until 9:00-9:30.  This was our first time at Street Food Cinema and we enjoyed it. Well, we enjoyed the movie, not so much Corey Feldman's singing. That was pretty terrible. It was more entertaining to hear him being insulted by the crowd.  It was a good, fun crowd that helped make the movie enjoyable.

Next movie is Risky Business on June 1st!

Some tips for a fun frugal time at Street Food Cinema are...
Look for comp tickets found on  Two people can get in for $7 by paying just service fees.

Forget about paying $10 to park on site and find meter parking across the street.  Parking is free on the street after 8:00pm.

Bring your own food and have a picnic on the grass.

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