Sunday, March 10, 2013

Woofstock 90210


Because my youngest LOVES dogs, we ventured out to Woofstock 90210 at the Roxbury Memorial Park in Beverly Hills.  The girls were in awe, especially my youngest who was surrounded by how many dogs were there.  When we arrived, we heard some type of show already going on, so we quickly zoomed by all the dogs and vendor booths to find the show.  We caught the tail end of the disc dogs entertainment show.  After the show we went around visiting all the dogs that were looking for a new home.  I'm not a big dog fan; but there was a really cute little brown one that I would have taken home if we were here to adopt a dog.  He was a favorite of a few other people too.  After a short while we saw him in the special "I'm adopted" section.  Good for him!

Next it was time for the best dressed dog parade.  The girls really enjoyed seeing all the outfits the dogs were wearing.  The best dressed dog was, Lakers Dog, and Duck Dog who was in a bath tub.  So cute! 

Then, came the contest of owner and dog look alikes.  This wasn't as fun as the best dressed dog because only a few dogs actually looked like its owner.  The winner for this was a girl and her dog dressed alike in a Saint Patrick's Day outfit.

We then visited with more dogs and even found a few cats for my oldest daughter to enjoy.  She is the cat lover.  A dog training demonstration was the next show we watched. Then the girls set out to the park's playground close by to play before another disc show started.  Those dogs are very fun to watch and they get so excited to be out there performing.  The girls had a fun day vising with all the pooches and watching all the different dog shows.

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