Saturday, March 23, 2013

Richard Rioux Egg Hunt

There were quite a few free events going on today; but could not pick them all due to time.  We decided to go to the Richard Rioux Park for their Easter egg hunt.  Normally this park doesn't bring in a whole lot of attendance for its' other holiday events; but they had a good turn out for Easter. 

We got there in time for the egg hunt.  They had 4 different sections for different age groups and were pretty organized with the hunt.  I don't think they have taken notes on how most places do egg hunt though.  Most places spread out empty eggs to find and turn them in for treats which saves them time and money from having to buy eggs every year.  Here they spent a lot of time putting prizes into each egg and let the kids keep all the eggs.  They get an A++ for effort.  There was a golden ticket in each of the age groups to get a special prize; so that was an added incentive for the kids.

After the egg hunt, the girls got their picture taken with the Easter Bunny using our own camera to take the picture.  It was a decent set up with a cute felt background; but the breeze kept blowing it back.  Hubby stood in the back to hold it down so it looked decent for my picture.

After pictures, the girls bounced in the bounce house for there allotted 5 minutes, then went to play some carnival type games.  It was another fun filled free day!

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