Saturday, March 2, 2013

Greeen Eggs & Ham, Teddy Bear Picnic and Ramona Quimby

In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday, the girls made green eggs and ham and some toast for breakfast this morning all by themselves.  We first started out making toast with cookie cutter shapes.  My 5 year old picked a dog bone shape cuz she loves dogs and my 8 year old chose a heart.  With sandwich bread, they quickly cut out their shapes, buttered them and put them in the oven for about 4 min. to toast.  Meanwhile, they took turns cracking eggs and mixing in 2 drops of blue food coloring. This was the first time my 5 year old had cracked an egg.  She was intimated by having to break the shells in half; but became excited when she did it. They poured the egg into the pan where they saw the magic of egg liquid turn into scramble eggs. My 8 year old was really grossed out by the green liquid then became quite fascinated watching them slowly turn into the scrambled eggs.  She has never wanted to stick around to see how scrambled eggs are made; but this time I made her stick around to make the entire breakfast.  After the eggs were done, I put them on a plate with a slice of lunch meat ham and the toast they made.  They loved their green eggs and ham breakfast and even asked for seconds.  They were very proud to make their own breakfast.

After breakfast, we went to our local library for a teddy bear picnic.  The girls got dressed in their dresses and brought their favorite stuffed animal to the picnic. The library room was set up very cute.  There were 10 large colored butcher paper squares all laid our across the room which served as picnic blankets.  On each blanket were several stuffed animals with name tags and paper utensil cutouts next to them.  Each child got a name tag for the stuffed friend they brought with them and picked a hat to decorate later.  The hat was simple; but cute.  It was made from a paper bowl with a circle cut out in the middle and a paper cup wedged in from the top.  The girls chose a blanket with the most stuffed puppies sitting with them.  The librarian read a couple stories, then the kids got up to get themselves a finger food lunch.  Lunch consisted of small turkey, ham, tuna or roast beef sandwiches, cookies, animal crackers and lemonade.  During lunch the kids were read another story and afterward got to decorate their hats with crayons and stickers.  The girls had lots of fun at this event.

Next, we went to Coldstone for some ice cream.  As if they didn't get enough treats at the picnic.  We had promised them yesterday, we would make the trip here since it would be a nice warm day for it.  They got $40 worth of gift cards from their aunt and uncle to come here!  We are going to have to make a lot of trips here in the summer :)  The girls shared a Signature mint ice cream with Oreos in a waffle cone.  Of course I had several bites, just to make sure it was good.  It was! 

After ice cream, I took my 3rd grader to see the play, Ramona Quimby, at our local college performing art center.  This was not a free event; but my daughter has enjoyed reading most all the Ramona series and thought going to this play would be fun and broaden her horizons.  Meanwhile, hubby and my youngest went to Mountasia to play some games.  The play was very cute and worth the $10 per ticket to come. My daughter enjoyed it even though she said it was much different than the book.


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