Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ronald Reagan Library

We go to the Ronald Reagan Libary every year for their July 4th celebration.  Hubby has been wanting to visit the museum inside.  Groupon had a deal; so we bought 2 tickets.  I debated to buy it with the concern that the girls would be bored and complain the whole time.  Hubby said to just buy them.  They might enjoy it.  We brought a picnic lunch and ate lunch at the grassy area located before the entrance.  We checked in and picked up our GuideCam.  The GuideCam is basically an iPod where you can listen to commentary of the exhibits and also hear Ronald and Nancy speak.  You are able to take pictures and video as well.  We both enjoyed the experience having the GuideCam.  The girls got a little bored at some places; but then found some interactive exhibit to play with to get their attention back.  Their were quite a few interactive exhibits such as designing presidential plates, flower bouquets, creating your own business and going through holes in the Berlin wall. Their highlight was Air Force One.  The girls have never been in a plane before; so they were excited to see what one looked like inside.  Of course it was set up for the president and didn't have all the passenger seats like a normal plane; but they got the idea.

The library had a special limited time George Washington exhibit that we also saw.  The girls had fun trying to find George in this one exhibit of his house at Mt. Vernon.  She finally found him and shouted excitedly, I found George Washington! Everyone started chuckling and asked her, where is he.  She was proud to point him out. I was surprised when I looked at my watch to find out that we spent about 4 hours at a place where I didn't think the girls would last 20 min.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I always find it inspiring to learn that children can appreciate mature information. Putting this in my backpocket for future travels. Cheers!