Saturday, April 28, 2012

Trees and Chores

My oldest is really into climbing trees right now and has been waiting to go to the park to climb some big sturdy ones. Apparently, Bouquet Canyon park has the wrong climbing trees cuz they didn't have any large branches cool branches to climb. So now we are on the hunt to find the perfect trees for her to climb. She also wants a treehouse in our back yard. We told her good luck cuz we don't have trees in our yard!  I found a treehouse online that comes with a imitation tree that cost like $8,000 and told her to save her money. She says, how can I save up that much money when I don't get any money? And that is when the chores began.

She is 7 years old and pretty much has one chore of feeding the fish which she forgets to do most of the time anyway.  So, it's about time we added a bit more to help lighten my load.  Here's the run down.  Washes dishes everyday. She washes all the plastic (the girls plates) dishes, and any tupperware and silverware.  Stuff that doesn't break. Takes out the trash when needed, feeds the fish and makes her bed on the weekends.  We are way to rushed in the morning to have her make her bed during the week.  Her allowance is $2 a week.  I have no idea what the going rate for allowance is; but that is where we started. 

2 weeks later.....She says that she needs a raise.  It is going to take forever to get the treehouse at this rate and starts doing the math.  I told her she has to wait a little while and we can discuss a raise.  She has been faithfully doing her chores; but the enthusiasm has worn off a little.  My youngest has seen that she has been getting money and wants in.  We gave her the chore of setting the table for dinner.  She puts the plates, cups and silverware on the table and passes out napkins.  She gets $1 a week.

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