Saturday, April 14, 2012

Earth Arbor Day

Bouquet Canyon Park celebrated Earth Arbor Day with a variety of activities.  The 1st thing I noticed when we got there was trees being given away.  I am in desperate need of trees in our backyard cuz  we only have one.  I don't know the name of it; but it has reddish brown leaves year round and it's bare and ugly.  So, we grabbed a tree that could fit in our car.  It's a very small tree; but atleast its something that we can plant and hopefully give some shade in the distant future. 

We then came across a ladybug booth.  I have never seen so many ladybugs before.  They were in huge bowls and kids were scooping handfuls of them into paper bags to take home and put in your garden, rose bushes, plants, etc.  The girls were excited to see so many ladybugs and be able to take them home.

After ladybug catching, the girls planted sunflower seeds in small dixie cups.  My oldest kind of through in her dirt and seeds while the youngest carefully put the dirt and seeds in.  The lady at the booth said she was a natural gardener.

A magic show was starting and the girls spotted a churro cart.  We gave them a choice of getting a churro or walking in one of those giant hamster balls for $3.  They choice the churro ($2.50) and shared it while watching the magic show.  Both girls enjoyed the show; but my youngest showed the most interest cuz she started doing her own disappearing acts later at home. 

The most anticipated activity that we saved for last was the bouncer and rockwall.  They played on the bouncer slide for a good while and then wanted to give the rockwall a try.  This was the 1st time my youngest had tried rockwall climbing and she did pretty good.  She was having so much fun that she started crying cuz we had to leave.  We gave her one last area to look at which was recycled art before we ended our day.

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