Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kids Play Day

Our local college, College of the Canyons, hosted a free play day for kids. We have been there once before and the kids had a good time. This year, it was so hot when we got there. Despite the heat, the girls enjoyed making crafts such as hand print flowers, ladybugs, a cape, squirt bottle painting. They played games such as a bean bag toss, ring toss, and spin the wheel for prizes, They hula hooped, watched a volcano erupt, played in sand and water boxes. One booth had this stuff called Flubber. It feels and looks kind of like slime. They hung it on a strawberry basket and it just oozed out of the holes and came down so the kids could cut it, roll it and use cookie cutters to make things. The play day is mostly geared towards the preschool and Kindergarten age; but my 6 year old really enjoyed it.

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  1. thanks for stoping by.hope we visit each other often,and am happy that the kids really enjoyed themselves.This is exactly what kids needs..keep it up mama.
    By the way i want to know how i can be using such animation in my and where do u get yours?thanks.