Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pictures, Bowling, Eggs

For the past 3 weeks my oldest had been asking when Easter was coming; so that she can color eggs. The day finally came; but she had to wait a little longer until after dinner. No particular reason to color them after dinner; just they way we've always done it plus we had a busy schedule during the day.

First thing was to take the girls annual Easter pictures at JC Penney. About 2 years ago, I found this great coupon on free sitting fees up to 4 people. It expires in June; so I'll be sad to not be able to use it for this year's Christmas pics.

After pictures, we went home for lunch and then back out for 2 games of FREE bowling! We got there at a perfect time because they were starting their Neon Lights hour (where house lights go off and music and lights come on). The girls LOVED this and began dancing around. My oldest said "This is the Life!" HA HA

Then, FINALLY the egg decorating began which was great for the time being. We just used the basic PAAS kit that costs about $1. I told them they could put stickers on the next day because we had to wait till the eggs dried. The next day came and the meltdown began because the stickers wouldn't stick. The eggs still had moisture from being in the fridge. I tried to dry them with a paper towel; but then the coloring was coming off. The blow dryer seemed to work; but I was not about to blow dry over a dozen eggs. So, my oldest got one egg to put stickers on. The youngest didn't care to much. I think this is the reason why I had not given them the stickers in the past. Now I know for next year.

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