Saturday, April 9, 2011

Crafts & Cheap Movies

I didn't see any frugal fun things to do this weekend; so I thought we could go check out the "cheap movie theatre"; Valley Plaza 6 in North Hollywood. But, at the last minute, I saw that Michaels was doing a free craft day with Color Explosion Coloring; so we did that.

Then, I saw that Screamin Daily Deals had a deal on Ice Skating Camp. I had been looking into ice skating camp for my 6 year old for a summer activity. She has never stepped foot on ice and I wanted her to try it before I spent money on camp. We got down to the ice station to check it out. They said she could try out a class for $10; but the next class available was Sunday. My daughter was so disappointed she couldn't go ice skating right then and there.

We had a little bit of extra time in the day; so we decided to go to the cheap movie theatre. Tickets are only $3 each; but if you go on Tuesdays, they are just $1.50. They also have $1 hot dogs everyday! Pretty enticing, huh? I felt a little guilty spending $12 on movies; but it was the original plan for the day and the kids remembered the plan. And it is very rare for us to go the the movies; so, off we went.

I've never been to this theatre; so I was a little skeptical on what this theatre would look like since the prices were so cheap, didn't show new releases and located in North Hollywood. We get there, and its exactly how I pictured it. It's pretty run down. They take cash only and you pay at the concession stand. My girls had to use the bathroom. Ugh. What kind of surprises would I find in there? Just as I thought... filthy. They tried to repair a hole in the floor with a piece of cardboard taped on. But that patch didn't work, cuz it looked like someone just stepped on it and put a hole in the middle to expose a muddy, water filled hole. We finally get out of the bathroom and to the seats. The seating area wasn't too bad; but obviously it was no Kodak theatre. We saw Gnomeo and Juliet. It was cute and entertaining. Despite my review of this movie theatre, I would still probably go back because I can't pass up $3 a ticket. I just have to try my best to avoid that bathroom.

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