Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day

The Ronald Reagan Library held its annual President's Day event which we attended once again.  Activities included president storytelling, presidential bingo, Lincoln log building and crafts.
This year the girls were interested in listening to the presidents tell stories.  My Kindergartner had been learning about Lincoln and Washington this week; so this would tie into what she had been learning. 
It was a little bit later in the afternoon when we got there; so we had to go into overflow parking at the bottom to catch the shuttle.  This year, we waited only about 2 min. before the next shuttle came.  Previously one year, we had to wait 40 min for the shuttle!  One of the highlights of coming here for the girls is just riding the shuttle to the library.  When we got there, the girls made a penny necklace craft.  Afterwards we went to hear Lincoln's story time.  We caught the last 10 minutes of his life, which was how he died.  Since the girls seemed interested in those 10 minutes, we wanted to hear him from the beginning.  We got some incorrect information and didn't make it for Lincoln; so we planned to see Washington.  
Meanwhile, we played presidential bingo which was pretty fun.  The bingo caller gave some interesting facts about the different president's that he called out.  The limit was to play 3 games before we would have to wait in line again.  My oldest daughter has a string of luck at winning things, so it was no surprise that she won the 1st game that we played.  She picked her prize, which was a beanie bear of "Ronnie".  She didn't like his name and soon he became Berry Bear. 
 It was almost time for Washington to speak.  We got there about 10 minutes early and caught the end of Roosevelt's story.  Of course we were just in time to find out how he died.  So far, we learned how 2 presidents died and were anxious to hear about the whole life of  Washington.  Well, he was the one who didn't even talk about his life; but his part as a general.  This was not very interesting to us; so we walked out.  The girls then enjoyed building forts with Lincoln logs before leaving. 
After the library, we took the girls bowling.  They offered 2 free games of bowling today, since we are a part of the kids bowl free summer program.  My youngest bowled her best game yet today.  She was very excited to get a score in the 80's.

For dinner, we picked up our free pizza from winning the Papa John's Superbowl contest.  Glad to have a night off from cooking dinner :)

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