Sunday, February 10, 2013

Heart Pillow

Beverly's Crafts had an in store Valentine's Day party to create crafts of little boxes, a heart pillow and a card.  The girl's eyes always light up at the refreshment table that is filled with all kids of goodies such as cupcakes, cookies, chips and drinks.  They picked out their Valentine's cupcakes and went to crafting. 

The heart pillow they made was a simple and inexpensive decoration using 2 squares of burlap, a red felt heart, and a little stuffing.  Sew the heart of first with red thread, then sew 3 sides of the burlap with black thread, stuff it, and sew up the other side.

My 8 year old enjoyed this because it was a somewhat quick sewing project with a little help from hubby.  I helped my 5 year old learn some sewing basics of pushing the needle up and down.  I had to try hard to not do the whole thing myself as we were running out of time and patience. 
Here is what my 8 year old made.

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