Saturday, February 18, 2012

Snow Day at Wrightwood

The girls have been to a few places where they played in man-made snow. These are the type of places where it is so crowded that you only get a foot of space to play; but the girls seem to have fun anyway so we keep going back. I have been delaying going to real snow because we never had appropriate snow clothes for the girls and because I'm not a big fan of going out into the freezing cold.

I found some inexpesive clothes for the girls. I got snow boots at the Goodwill for both girls and a snow bib with pants at Kmart for $12 each. I finally got the clothes and it has been like summer out here for us to even use them. This week it rained so we headed up to Wrightwood. I have not been here; so I wasn't sure where to go. We grabbed a small saucer for $5 at Mountain Hardware and continued up to the top of the mountain to Grassy Hollow. It wasn't too crowded considering it was a 3 day weekend and the 1st snow in a while. We found a small slope for the girls to slide down and they had a blast. They made a snowman, snow angels and of course a snow ball fight. After about 2 1/2 hours my feet were frozen and I was ready to leave.

Since hubby wasn't home for our Valentine's Day dinner, we decided to all go out together and celebrate at Route 66. Yummy!

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