Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

The girls were very excited about today because it's a holiday where they can get more candy! Like they need any more candy. They are still working on candy from Halloween. Besides eating candy, they look forward most to our annual tradition of having a picnic mac and cheese dinner in the living room. I generally have a no food in the living room rule; so this makes a special treat for them.

In the morning, I took my youngest to her weekly library story time. They brought out different instruments for the kids to play while listening to music. The kids paraded around the room having fun making all kinds of noise. My daughter got the triangle. She was not too happy with her instrument and was not interested in parading around the room. She did enjoy the stories that were read and she always enjoys making her craft afterwards and putting together puzzles.

After story time, I went to my older daughter's class to help with their Valentine's party. The kids quickly ate their Valentine's cupcakes and then passed out their Valentines. They were finished so quick, we had an 1 hr and 30 min. left to spare. The teacher was scrambling to find projects for them to do. She found a heart frame craft from Oriental Trading from a previous year and happened to have just the right amount for all the kids. After that, they played a quick game of Mad Libs and painted lots of Valentine related pictures.

The girls picked to have their mac and cheese for dinner. Their favorite is the kind from the box that has Scooby Doo shapes. I couldn't find Scooby Doo shapes this year, so they settled for Madagascar. While I was slaving over the stove boiling water the girls excitedly set up their picnic blanket, decorations, stuffed animal friends and centerpieces in the living room. After 15 min., dinner was complete and we ate dinner while watching a Peanuts Valentine's Day show.
After dinner, we all enjoyed a giant chocolate chip Valentine's Day cookie for dessert.

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