Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day

The Ronald Regan Library normally has a couple good free events during the year; so we thought we check it out for President's Day. It was not a good event in terms of free activities for kids. I guess that was not the emphasis though. The main attraction was the museum; which we don't visit. Because what 6 & 3 year old want to visit that?

If you don't get there when the event starts, then you will have to park down the hill and wait for a shuttle to pick you up. Well, we got there about an 1 1/2 later and we had to park at the adjacent park. It took about 25 min. for the shuttle to pick us up. Luckily, we were at a park, so the girls could just run around. They were also entertained when the family in front of us found a caterpillar. Finding a caterpillar is very exciting when you're waiting in line that long.

Finally, we get there and there is a huge line waiting to get into the museum.
I think some people thought it was free; but it wasn't. We found the activities for kids and were disappointed. There were 2 crafts to make a president's hat and a penney necklace. There was also a table to make a Lincoln log cabin. The girls had fun making the 2 crafts and then we sat and ate our sack lunch while listening to George Washington tell his life story, followed by a jazz band. The highlight was making the Lincoln log cabin.

I could have just bought some Lincoln logs at the store and used some construction paper to make the crafts at home. If it wasn't as far, I wouldn't have minded because I like to just get out of the house and do something different. Now, I know for next time, that the museum is the main attraction on President's Day. I'll stick with coming back for their 4th of July event.

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