Saturday, February 12, 2011

Candyland-Japanese American Museum

The Japanese American Museum's Target Free Saturdays have not failed us yet; so we had to check out their candyland event. No, not the candyland board game - just a bunch of free candy to help celebrate Valentine's Day.

We got there and immediately stood in a line to get to the candy buffet table. They had an assortment of candy from different countries around the world. The girls got to pick 3 pieces to put in a box. If they wanted more, they could get back in line. As the line got shorter, we went back a couple times so they could get candy that is not very common to get in US stores. It was fun to try candy from the different countries. A favorite was the Taiwan(I think)Jello type candy.

The girls had fun making candy leis using 8 pieces of candy, a long cello bag and some yarn. They also made a cupcake flower using paper cupcake wrappers and a pipe cleaner. Last, was the sweet message box, where they took a wooden circle to decorate and wrapped it like a piece of candy, put it in a box to decorate to give to their Valentine.

They snuck in something healthy among the candy fest. How dare they! A table to make your own fruit kabob lined the wall. It was full of bananas, apples, strawberries, and pineapple. My youngest, who loves fruit, put everything on her stick and gobbled it right up. My oldest, who is not a fruit eater, just made hers from apples, took a couple bites and gave the rest to me.

Another highlight was the photo chocolate lollipops. We stood in line to have the girls picture taken, then we could watch as they printed their picture with edible ink onto chocolate lollipops. They girls have not eaten their faces yet. They look to cute to eat.

The last treat of the day was a Japanese dessert called Mochi. He demonstrated how they make it and gave out samples. It is made from rice and looks and tastes like a rainbow marshmallow. But unlike marshmallows, I could only handle eating just one. The 1st one tasted good; but not so much after that.
The girls only had one complaint with their fun filled candy day. Which was, I want more candy!

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