Monday, December 27, 2010

Pretend City

The girls were on Christmas vacation. We normally go on a mini vacation; but this year we decided to do a couple day trips instead. We actually splurged and spent some money to go to Pretend City in Irvine. I was a little skeptical about going from what the reviews had said. I'm so glad we went! The girls had so much fun here.

We got there when it opened at 10:00am and left at 4:30pm. Many reviewers said their kids only got about 2-3 hours tops here. We got 6 1/2 hours here! The girls played in the Curious George room and took a picture with him. Played in a miniature house complete with living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, and bathroom. They went to the beach and played in the sand. That didn't last too long because there were not enough shovels to go around. The girls could pretend to be a chef or a waitress at the Mexican restaurant. They got to pick apples, oranges, strawberries and plant carrots and lettuce at the farm. They could play doctor in the Dr.'s office; but they were not too interested in that area. Another favorite was the water table. They have boats you can race with wind machines, go fishing, play with rubber ducks, shark and my youngest daughter's favorite- the lobster. They have a post office, a construction site and a road that goes around the whole place to drive cars.

They even let you bring your own food in and eat at their designated eating areas. Luckily, we had packed lunches to save some money and ate there. We had to end the day when our youngest crankiness caught up with her from her lack of a nap. 1 tired out girl made a quiet drive home :)

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