Thursday, December 30, 2010

Noah's Ark at Skirball

I have been trying to get free Thursday tickets to Noah's Ark; but I could never get enough for all of us to go. I did get some coupons when we were at the Grove one day when they had brought over a sample of Noah's Ark. I saved a little bit of money but not much since I had to order tickets online and pay the processing fee due to them selling out quickly.

It was a rainy day and turned out to be a good indoor place to go. The girls had fun playing with plastic as well as stuffed animals on the ark, sending animals up into the ark, building the ark, and climbing around in the ark. The girls had fun for a little under 2 hours and actually wanted to go home. It was a fun one time experience; but don't think I would pay for it again. I'll try to wait until I can manage to get free tickets if we decide to go again.

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