Sunday, October 31, 2010

Haunted Jailhouse and Festival

I have heard about the Sheriff Station's Hunted Jailhouse; but never had gone; but decided to this year. They charged $1 admission and had various game booths, fire trucks, police cars, the maze, etc. We went to check out the maze; but when we got there they said they just closed for about an hour to let the volunteers have lunch. I didn't want to pay their prices for the games or bounce house. We decided to leave and go to a Halloween event at the Granada Hills Community Center. We went last year and the girls have fun.

The Community Center had a bounce house with free admission and low budget games that are very inexpensive to play. The kids get candy and win tickets to get cheap prizes. They also have face paint and a craft. After a couple hours, we headed back to Santa Clarita so we could go into the haunted jailhouse. We go there just in time because they had closed it off right after we got in line. The girls got a plastic ax to defeat a dragon and save the princess. It wasn't really worth going back to do that; but now we know for next year.

Later that night, the girls went trick or treating for a couple hours. My oldest wanted to re-used her Sleeping Beauty costume from the year before and my youngest re-used one of my other daughter's old Care Bear costume.

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