Sunday, October 3, 2010

Free Disneyland Tickets - or Not

My husband and I participated in the Give a Day, Get a Day program to get free Disneyland tickets. I volunteered to make tie blankets and my husband volunteered to speak at a career day for a school. We decided to go for my youngest daughter's birthday. We bought one of my daughter's ticket on e-bay and my 2 year old (turns 3 tomorrow) gets in free. So, off we go to the happiest place on earth; until, guest services cannot locate my name or address that I participated in the Disneyland program. She gave a number to call to find out how to get my ticket. I call the number and they are closed on Sundays. I go back in line and they make me buy a ticket. I was soooo upset, it was hard to enjoy the first part of the day. When we were about to leave, I went to guest relations and stood in that line for 30 min. to see if I could get a refund; but no, they couldn't find me in the system either.

I called the number they gave to me on Monday and said they could give me a refund because they looked me up with a phone number and found me :) They said we just need your receipt and a copy of the ticket. Great! Later, that day I ask my husband for the items. He found the receipt but no ticket. We are looking everywhere for the ticket and cannot find it. Of course, I'm soooo upset again! The next day I look some more and finally found it buried in CD's in the car. I finally got my refund and am a happy camper!
Thank you Disneyland for the opportunity to get rewarded for helping others; but No thanks for the hassle of getting the ticket!

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