Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stranded, Sun Burnt and Starving in Lake Arrowhead

To celebrate my birthday, we went to Lake Arrowhead. My parents have a place up there, so we saved some money by not having to pay to stay somewhere else. We also tried to save some money by packing our own lunch for a picnic at Lake Gregory. All I wanted was some chicken salad to make a chicken salad sandwich. They usually have it at the store I go to; but of course, not today. I ended up going to 3 different stores before I finally got it. We got to the lake and ate our lunch.

Then, we rented a peddle boat for an hour. Half of our time had past and decided to head back. The wind had picked up and the their were some white caps on the water. We were peddling and peddling but we were not moving anywhere. This went on for about 30 min. The kids were getting antsy and wanted to get off. We were just stuck in the lake until who knows how long. Finally, a rescue boat came and asked if we needed help. We gladly took it and they towed us to the calmer parts of the water. I was so tired, I barely made it back the little way to the dock.

Afterwards we went to the house in Arrowhead and took a nap. I discovered I was quite sun burnt and it hurt to move my legs. I had picked a place to eat dinner; but forgot it closed at 7:00pm. We had left at 6:30 hoping to make it within 5 min. But no, our GPS sent us to some house and we never did find the place. So, we decided to see what there is to eat in the village. Everything was closed by 5:30. The only option we had for my birthday dinner was McDonalds or a Mexican restaurant. We chose the restaurant. The food was not the greatest but at least we found food! The day was an adventure as usual; but I had a fun time.

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