Saturday, June 12, 2010

Brentwood Summer Festival

I had noticed that Brentwood was doing a FREE family summer festival; so we decided to check it out. Shops had tables displayed with merchandise, vendor booths were scattered around; but the best part was the free food!
There was an Indian restaraunt (sorry didn't get the name) giving out free food to try. What could be better than a free lunch? Well, let me tell you... there was free cotton candy, which my girls loved! My youngest didn't get the concept of how to eat it though. She treated it like an icecream and licked it to death. After a while of licking, the wet cotton candy looked like it was ready to be tossed. After the cotton candy, my oldest wanted more delicious food. We stumbled onto a popcorn cart which was giving out free bags of popcorn. That kettle corn was the best! It tasted salty, sweet, sugary and buttery as my daughter described it.
They had a petting zoo where my youngest really enjoyed feeding the animals hay. My oldest was way too concerned about getting dirty and worried the animals would poop on her. We walked by to see a magic show, watch a dog on wheels (something was wrong with his back legs, and listen to a band play. They even had free pony rides! My oldest rode on one; but the youngest was too scared to get on. It was a fun day for all. Thanks Brentwood!

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