Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools!

I'm not that great at coming up with good April fool's day jokes; especially for 2 young girls. I did come up with something the whole family would enjoy - Breakfast for Dinner.

My girls LOVE pancakes and eggs; so I knew they would be excited to eat their surprise April Fools dinner. I made a egg and bacon pie/quiche for my husband and I to give breakfast a change from the ordinary. I called everyone for DESSERT. They were confused as to why dessert was being served. Where's dinner? 1 chocolate chip cookie sat on a plate at everyone's place setting. This was a bit odd for everyone; but nobody complained about having a dessert to start. After everyone was finished eating their cookie; I served them their dinner breakfast. The girls were so excited to see pancakes and eggs for dinner! My 5 year old, can't wait to have another April Fool's dinner again!

Breakfast items such as eggs and pancake mix are very low cost and can make for a great change of pace for dinner!

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