Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fillmore - Fish and Honey

Not much going on today; so we took about a 20 min. drive out to Fillmore to feed fish, taste honey and buy some fresh produce.

Our first stop was at the Fillmore Fish Hatchery, where the girls had fun feeding the trout that were in trout beds as my daughter described it.  We had gathered about 40 dimes to get handfuls of pellet fish food.  We also brought some plastic cups for them to put the food in.  There is a small bird sanctuary next door to do a little bird and duck watching.  The girls spent about an hour here before we ran out of dimes.  My oldest had to make sure every fish was fed, which was impossible to do.

Down the road is Bennett's Honey Farm.  This is really a small gift shop selling honey and bee products.  There are about 5 different types of honey you can taste including avocado, orange, sage and 2 others.  I was excited to try the avocado since I love avocado.  It did taste like avocado; but I didn't like it as a honey flavor.  My favorite was the sage and bought a small honey bear of it that was on clearance.  They also have a small glass encased display of live bees to watch.

After honey tasting we went to Francisco's Fruits to buy some fresh produce.  We had brought a picnic lunch and purposely didn't pack fruit in order to get it here.  They are the produce stand that is recognized for their red and white tent and has the most cars out of all the other produce stands. Everyone got to pick what they wanted.  My oldest picked baby bananas, the youngest picked strawberries which she shared with me and hubby got apricots.  All the fruit was great!  But the strawberries were the best tasting strawberries.  They were much sweeter than the strawberries we normally have.  Even my oldest who is not a big fan of strawberries liked these ones. It was a fun frugal few hours spent out of the house.


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