Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Events

Halloween Carnival at Northridge Rec. Center.

Today we went to the Northridge Rec. Center for their Halloween carnival.  The kids were entertained with about 15 different carnival type games.  They also got to decorate Halloween shaped cookies of pumpkins or ghosts, make giant hands out of popcorn and plastic gloves, make a Halloween sticker scene and collect candy along the way.  The tick or treat village was neat where kids could go onstage to different houses to trick or treat.  The girls did not want to participate in that though.  They also had a costume contest but we didn't stay long enough for that.

Richard Rioux Park Halloween Event
We grabbed some lunch and went to the next free Halloween event at the Richard Rioux Park.  This is very small, low key, low budget event.  They had a few carnival type games outside, a bouncer to play in and a costume contest.  The girls were here for a short amount of time, then wanted to play at the playground.

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