Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tom's Farm in Corona & Jet Skiing

Today is Father's Day and also happens to be my birthday.  I really wanted to go jet skiing for my birthday and hubby didn't really care what we did for his Father's Day. After a falling out on another jet ski place from Groupon, we decided to go to All Day Jet Ski in Lake Elsinoire despite the fact the lake is full of green water.  We thought it would be fine to jet ski in the green water since we were not going to be swimming in it.  On the way to jet skiing, we stopped at Tom's Farm in Corona.  It's a cute little place with shops, restaurants  and attractions for the kids.  We walked around for a little while in the shops.  I felt that Father's Day was overshadowing my birthday as everyone would say to hubby, Happy Father's Day, Happy Father's Day.  I guess it can't be all about me all the time; but my birthday should be all about ME!  We also went to the petting zoo area, the girls went on a train ride and a tractor ride.  They have a magician that comes out; but the girls didn't want to stay for that.

We packed a lunch to have a picnic at the lake.  We got to the lake, put out the blanket and started to eat when we noticed the company of bees all around the grass.  So, we packed up all are lunch and ate in the car that was 90 degrees hot.  We quickly finished lunch at walked to the Jet ski place, All Day Jet Ski, which is right on the sand.  The customer service was great and we were ready to go within 10 min.  We had made reservations ahead of time for 2 jet skis for the 4 of us.  It was the girls and hubby's first time on a jet ski and we all had a blast. We got an hour of riding, which was the perfect amount of time cuz my fingers were getting tired from holding the gas lever so long. 

Later, we went to dinner at Kisho, Valencia to eat at the tappan grill.  We enjoyed the "show" while they cooked.  The food is OK.  I got a tummy ache after from all the oil they use in the food.

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